HIV Bilten (HTB West Balkans, BMCS)

HIV Bilten cover 2014 no1HIV Bilten HTB (HIV Bulletin) is a regional HIV treatment and research information resource for the West Balkans that is produced by Q Club, the Serbian association of people living with HIV.

Published in Bosnian, Montenegrin, Croatian and Serbian (BMCS), the publication will be distributed in hard-copy and electronic versions to medical staff, health clinics, community organisations and people infected with or affected by HIV in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro and Serbia.

The web version of bulletin is available online:

Download HIV Bilten No 5 (2014) – PDF file (800 Kb)

Download HIV Bilten No 4 (2013) – PDF file (900 Kb)

Download HIV Bilten No 3 (2012) – PDF file (790 Kb)

The bulletin is based compiled from reports from the i-Base HIV Treatment Bulletin with additional material developed by Q Club and the HIV Bilten editorial board.

i-Base are very proud to be able to working collaboratively with Q Club on this exciting new resource.