HTB 27 March 2020: CoV-2 and COVID-2019 special edition

This edition of HTB is on the global health crisis related to the new coronavirus (SARS CoV-2) and COVID-2019 and the effect it will have for people living with HIV.

Given the rapid pace of information, advice, research and recommendations about COVID-19, many of the links and information might either soon be outdated – or superseded. As with all health information, please check the date.

The importance of updating information online, even after it has been published, means that this issue includes many links, rather than using current online text.

i-Base also has a COVID-19 page for new links and updates over the coming weeks and months.


The selected links are just a small selection and they will likely only have a limited shelf-life. We have only included research that is available as open access papers. And it is notable that the urgency of the crisis has called for all papers to become open access.

In addition for comments from the HTB advisory board (who support all issues of HTB with their feedback), this issue has been compiled with support of discussions with other activist and several community discussion groups.

Thanks especially to Lynda Dee, Richard Jefferys, Jules Levin, Michael Louella, Jeff Taylor and Nelson Vergel.

Community forums include: AIDS Treatment Activist Coalition (ATAC), European AIDS Treatment Group (EATG), ATAC Immune-Based Treatment (ATAC-IBT), International Treatment Preparedness Coalition (ITPC) and the UK Community Advisory Board (UK-CAB).