Waiting lists grow in the US

Due to the poor economy and increased HIV testing efforts, the US public assistance programme called ADAP (AIDS Drug Assistance Programmes) are facing unprecedented growth.

Severe funding shortages has resulted in placing people on waiting lists, cutting eligibility and removing drugs from their formularies. In response, the HIV/AIDS community is asking for a $126 million emergency appropriation from President Obama and the Congress.

On 10 April 2010, the 859 individuals currently on ADAP waiting lists by state were: Idaho (25), Iowa (62), Kentucky (191), Montana (17), North Carolina (356), South Carolina (33), South Dakota (32), Tennessee (55), Utah (74) and Wyoming (14).

Cost-containment strategies instituted over the last years included reducing formularies, lowering the level of financial eligibility, using a CD4 threshold of <350 cells/mm3, initiating waiting lists, capping enrollment and capping use of T-20.

For an update on the states with waiting lists and other cost containment measures go to the ADAP Watch update at:

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