The science of side effects (or, who’s afraid of 3T3-F44A2 cells?)

A report from the 4th Lipodystrophy Workshop.

Mark Mascolini
IAPAC Monthly – Vol. 8, No. 11, November 2002


  • From bench to bedside
  • From bedside to bench
  • Hard science
  • Hard arteries
  • More good lipid and insulin scores with atazanavir
  • Lipid subclass quiz (correct answer: efavirenz)
  • Lipid liabilities with d4T
  • HAART, the heart, and other muscles
  • Hard choices
  • Switching from d4T for atrophy and high lactates
  • Diet and exercise: those who can, win
  • Options for facial atrophy
  • Alendronate for thin bones
  • Statins popular, but how potent?

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