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IAPAC Monthly February 2003

  • Report from the President – Hope for turning of the tide
  • Needed: Committed and daring voices
  • HIV care in 2003: A viewpoint
  • Will AIDS finally teach us the meaning of sustainable human development (for all)?

AIDS Treatment News – April 4, 2003

Including an interview with Cal Cohen MD Part Two

STEP Perspective – Winter 2002/2003


Methadone and HIV Medications: Drug Interactions
Barb Falkner, B.Sc. (Pharm.) and Bradley Kosel, Pharm.D.
from Seattle Treatment Education Project – Winter 2002/2003

Depression and HIV in the Era of HAART
By Andrew Elliott, M.D., M.P.H.

The PRN Notebook – March 2003

The March 2003 issue of The PRN Notebook is available online in both HTML and PDF formats.

2003 Review of experimental antiretrovirals
Scott M. Hammer, MD and Harold C. Neu

Metabolic and morphologic complications in HIV disease: Whats new?
Kathleen Mulligan, PhD and Donald P. Kotler, MD

Youth and HIV: the epidemic continues
Donna Futterman, MD

Identifying HIV treatment and research priorities in resource-poor settings
Miriam Rabkin, MD, MPH

Hopkins HIV Report – March 2003

  • Treatment Interruption
  • Treatment of Tuberculosis in the HIV-Infected Patient
  • Immune-Based Therapy in HIV
  • When to Start HAART, and What to Start
  • Taking HAART to Heart: Antiretroviral Toxicities
  • Drug Resistance and Treatment of Experienced Patients
  • HIV and Hepatitis

GHMC Treatment Issues – March 2003

Contents include:

  • Long Path to Approval -A look back at the road to T-20
  • Fuzeon Data Review – A capsule review of T-20 efficacy data together with TAG position paper
  • $15 Million for Infrastructure but No AIDS Drugs for Jamaica – Richard Stern
  • International Treatment Preparedness Summit Opens
  • It’s Time to Face the Zerit Problem- Nelson Vergel asks for caution on d4T

TAGline – April 2003

  • Full Count: Roche Tempts Fate With High Profile T-20 Launch
  • Tipping Point: MSF, Oxfam Redefine the Possible, and Y2K Activist Trek to Durban Marks a Watershed
  • TAG at Ten: The Year 2001

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