Gilead to sell tenofovir at cost to 68 countries

Graham McKerrow, HIV i-Base

Gilead Sciences announced in April what it called the Gilead Access Programme, which will provide tenofovir DF (TDF, Viread) at no profit to all African countries and 15 others classified as “least developed” by the United Nations.

TDF will be available to private and public programmes in the 68 countries for $39 for a 30-day supply, or $1.30 a day. The company said the price covered the cost of manufacture and the administration of the scheme. The company will supply programmes directly and not use third parties. The pills will be a different colour to those it sells in rich countries to combat the diversion of reduced-price drugs for resale at higher prices in richer countries.

The Gilead scheme will include assistance to projects seeking reduced-price TDF, and research and advice on providing treatment in poor settings. The company is also preparing a reduced-price scheme for middle-income countries in Eastern Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Complete programme information and requests forms are available at

Those without internet access can call the Gilead Access Programme in the United States on +1-800-445-3235 or +1-650-574-3000 or in Uganda at +256-41-340-806.

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