Volume 4 Number 4 May 2003

April’s pharmacology meeting in Cannes provides the scientific focus for this issue and we cover the research that will have the most immediate impact on clinical care.

Following the results of the 2NN study, presented at Retrovirus, there was particular interest at this meeting in studies looking at concentrations, toxicities or interactions of the NNRTIs. We also include reports on intracellular levels of NRTIs, gender differences and the clinical role of TDM in Europe and the US.

From the Retrovirus meeting we cover the abundant PK interaction studies presented there, including both drug-drug interactions and the effects of food and alcohol. This may seem of only marginal interest, but with ever more new drugs and complex therapy, should inform treatment decisions of every HIV treatment prescriber.

As we go to press a big news story relating to treatment acces gains momentum – the Treatment Action campaign (TAC) has launched a campaign of civil disobedience to protest against the South African Government’s negligent response to the HIV epidemic and the urgent need for a comprehensive public sector treatment plan including antiretrovirals.

Global support is mobilising and in London a picket was back outside South Africa house for a day of solidarity on 24th April organised by the International Community of Women (ICW), STOPAIDS and the UK HIV/AIDS Consortium.

A detailed explanation of the campaign is contained in the document “Dying for Treatment”, which can be read at

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