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HIV inSite Knowledge Base

Other malignancies associated with HIV
Donald W. Northfelt, MD, FACP. Updated October 2003.

Transmission of HIV by blood, blood products, tissue transplantation, and artificial insemination
Elizabeth Donegan, MD. Updated October 2003.

Hopkins HIV Report – September 2003

The Hopkins HIV Report is a bimonthly newsletter for practitioners caring for patients with HIV/AIDS. All articles are written by faculty of The Schools of Medicine, Public Health, and Nursing who practice in The Johns Hopkins AIDS Service.

  • Antiretroviral therapy update from the 2nd IAS conference
  • Pharmacology in Paris
  • Panel on clinical practices issues revised adult ART guidelines
  • Basic lipids: NCEP made easy for HIV patients
  • Focusing on …prevention in positives

PRN Reports

Two pre-press reports on use of ‘rapid’ HIV tests and on research into RNAi are posted online prior to next issue of PRN notebook.

Understanding and utilizing new techniques for HIV testing
Bernard M. Branson, MD

Shooting the messenger: harnessing RNA interference to combat HIV infection
Judy Lieberman, MD, PhD

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