Smoking and atazanavir levels

The effect of tobacco smoking on atazanavir trough concentrations was assessed in a cohort of 416 patients, of which 246 were smokers and 170 were non-smokers or ex smokers. No association was found between smoking history and atazanavir trough concentration: median (IQR) trough concentrations were 571 (329-960) ng/mL for smokers and 536.5 (323-1030) ng/mLfor non/ex-smokers (p=0.85).

In multivariate analysis there were no significant variables associated to atazanavir trough concentration and smoking history.

Source: IAS report (20 July 2010)

Ref: Guillemi S et al. Does smoking tobacco affect atazanavir exposure in HIV-infected individuals? 18th IAS Conference, 18–23 July 2010, Vienna. Poster abstract WEPE0095.

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