HIV and hepatitis coinfection guidelines (2009): online for comment

The draft 2009 BHIVA guidelines for the management of coinfection with HIV-1 and chronic hepatitis B or C are online and available for comment:

The 2009 guidelines have been updated to incorporate all new relevant information since the previous versions in 2005.

The major changes/amendments include:

  • ┬áCombining the previously separate HBV and HCV guidelines into one document
  • Increased discussion on hepatitis screening and prevention;
  • Clarification on the role of liver biopsy and non-invasive liver fibrosis assessment;
  • More emphasis on screening for delta virus;
  • Increased discussion on end-stage liver disease management and HCC screening;
  • Molecular diagnostic tests used for the diagnosis and management of HBV and HCV;
  • Revised CD4-based guidance on the management of chronic HBV;
  • Management of acute HBV;
  • Revised guidance on the management of chronic HCV, including ART interactions;
  • Management of acute HCV;
  • Management of treatment non-responders and relapsers in both chronic HBV and HCV.

The Guidelines Writing Group is grateful for all comments, which will be reviewed before publication.

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