Free HIV treatment in the UK for all, irrespective of residency status

UK Department of Health

From 1 October 2012, an amendment to the NHS (Charges to Overseas Visitors) Regulations means that HIV treatment will no longer chargeable to any overseas visitor.

This guidance sets out:

  • The background to the policy change.
  • Definitions of HIV treatment and care.
  • Prescribing of antiretroviral therapies.
  • The role of the Overseas Visitor Manager.
  • How the Department of Health will monitor the change.

HIV often presents with other healthcare needs that may be chargeable unless they too are exempt from NHS charge. This guidance supports implementation of the change in England.


These changes take immediate effect and should be widely publicised. They will hopefully contribute to earlier diagnosis and access to care and remove the previous fear associated with seeking treatment.


HIV treatment for overseas visitors: Guidance for the NHS (September 2012).

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