Merck HIV vaccine trial is unblinded

Round up of news posted to Treatment Action Group (TAG) basic science blog.

It was announced on 13 November that the STEP trial will be unblinded; all 3,000 participants will be told whether they received vaccine or placebo and informed of their anti-adenovirus antibody titer.

One of the unexplained results from this study is the higher rate of infections reported in patients receiving the active vaccine, and the disappointing lack of impact on viral load post infection.

Merck HIV Vaccine Trial: Data Presentations from the HVTN Meeting

The HVTN has quickly made data presentations regarding the Merck HIV vaccine efficacy trial.

Introduction to the 502 Protocol

Baseline characteristics of participants in the STEP trial

STEP trial: efficacy analyses
(232 Kb)

Hypotheses for differential HIV acquisition rates
(248 Kb)

STEP study: summary of results

A pathway toward understanding the biological basis for the vaccine efficacy results (1.1 MB)

Roundtable intro: follow-up of participants in STEP

Longer-term follow-Up for STEP/HVTN 502

Why we unblinded

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