Upcoming WHO ART guidelines (2013)

Polly Clayden, HIV i-Base

Top lines from the not yet final, revised WHO guidelines have now been presented in two public forums – a satellite before CROI 2013 in Atlanta, and at the 3rd International HIV Treatment as Prevention Workshop in Vancouver. Neither presentation is available online.

The guidelines will recommend starting ART at CD4 counts below 500 cells/mm3, with priority given to people less than 350. There will also be non-CD4 guided recommendations for people with TB or hepatitis B, pregnant women – either stopping after breastfeeding or lifelong treatment (Options B and B+) – people with negative partners and children less than five.

The guidelines will be consolidated, ie adult, pregnancy and paediatric recommendations in the same document and will include guidance on implementation.

They will be released at the IAS meeting in 2013, when we will give a more detailed review.

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