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AIDS Volume 21 Number 5

  • Utility of week-4 viral response to tailor treatment duration in hepatitis C virus genotype 3/HIV co-infected patients
  • Efficacy and safety of TMC114/ritonavir in treatment-experienced HIV patients: 24-week results of POWER 1
  • Randomized trial of 2 simplified, class-sparing regimens for HIV after an initial 3- or 4-drug regimen
  • Adherence in antiretroviral therapy for HIV: a review of qualitative studies

Summary of articles and other resources:

Summary of articles on clinical care

Long-term CD4 response: where you start predicts where you end up

  • After 6 years of successful antiretroviral therapy for HIV, the only patients likely to achieve a low-to-normal CD4-cell count were those who had started treatment with CD4s > 350.

Successful antiretroviral therapy eliminates virus from the CSF

  • New findings suggest that antiretroviral effects are magnified in the CNS.

Routine testing for HIV infection: new CDC screening recommendations for the US population

Antiretroviral treatment and age-related comorbidities in a cohort of older HIV-infected patients

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