HIV prevention budget for 2015 slashed by 50%, then rapidly reinstated

Simon Collins, HIV i-Base

According to a policy brief by the National AIDS Trust, several recent government announcements suggested that remaining central government budgets for HIV prevention budget were likely to be slashed in 2015. [1]

A community response led by National AIDS Trust that included sending more than 1500 signatories of an online petition sent to Jane Ellison, Minister for Public Health Minister, led to a written response on 22 December stating that the Government will protect funding for the National HIV prevention programme in England. [2]

The letter also stated: ” …while the HIV prevention budget will be maintained, we do want to be more ambitious in our plans to prevent HIV and to explore new and more innovative ways of doing things… Improving the way we deliver the HIV prevention programme will be part of our longer-term strategy for sexual and reproductive health which we plan to announce in the New Year.”


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