BHIVA draft report on UK standards for HIV care (2006)

In preparing this report, now available for comment online, BHIVA has sought to produce a limited set of focused, auditable standards, which address key aspects of the organisation of NHS clinical care for adults with HIV infection. As such, this report is not intended as a comprehensive guide to good practice in HIV medicine. It should be read alongside BHIVA’s clinical guidelines and other relevant standards, recommendations and guidelines, including earlier standards developed by the Medical Foundation for AIDS and Sexual Health, which give a broader perspective on good practice.

The clinical guidelines make recommendations about what treatments/interventions patients should receive, whereas this document focuses on where and by whom care should be provided. Although this document mentions PCTs and other NHS organisations that exist only in England and Wales, BHIVA believes that the principles and approach it sets out are broadly applicable across the UK as a whole.

An initial draft was prepared based on consultation with a limited number of selected individuals and then opened to wider consultation at a stakeholder workshop held at the Royal College of Physicians in July 2006. The document was substantially revised in the light of discussion at the workshop and other input from interested parties, and has now been opened for general public consultation.

BHIVA’s draft report is open for consultation until 7 November 2006

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