IAS-USA update resistance guidelines and mutation tables (2015)

Simon Collins, HIV i-Base

The 2015 update of mutations associated with resistance to individual HIV drugs produced by the International Antiviral Association (IAS–USA) has been published online.

This updates the figures from 2014 and includes user notes and accompanying text.

The resource is designed to identify key mutations associated with antiretroviral drug resistance and to help guide treatment decisions.

The following mutations have been added to the summary bars for the integrase inhibitors:

  • Q148R, N155H and R263K are added as new mutations for dolutegravir
  • R263K is added as a new mutation for both elvitegravir and raltegravir.
  • G140S for dolutegravir is no longer bold, indicating this is no longer a major mutation.
  • Q148H/K mutations for elvitegravir are now highlighted in bold as key mutations.


Wensing AM et al. 2015 update of the drug resistance mutations in HIV-1. Topics in Antiviral Medicine, Vol 23, Issue 4, October/November 2015. (PDF)

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