Seattle-lite: pre-conference workshops – watch online

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Simon Collins, HIV i-Base

The commitment to providing all presentations online as open access educational resources is one of the most impressive aspect of the annual CROI meetings.

Options include to watch the presentations with slides, download audio only or as podcasts, pause, repeat, enlarge slides to catch the details – and that this now becomes live on the same day.

And every year, before the main conference, state-or-the-art lectures provide sharp overviews of key subjects. Each lecture reviews current knowledge on the subject and sets the background for the new research that will be presented during the main conference.

So these lectures are already online – and are an excellent way to spend an hour or two to sharpen your knowledge.

This year’s programme is listed below. Pick your favourite and click a link…

Workshop 1: Science and cure

  • Molecular virology: Understanding HIV – Paul Bieniasz
  • Advances in antibodies – Richard Koup
  • Advances in prevention – James McIntyre
  • HIV complications – Judith Currier
  • HIV reservoirs: obstacles to a cure – Nicolas Chomont

Martin Delaney Lecture: Good practice in research and involving the community

  • History and principles of good practice – Stacey Hannah
  • Good practice in prevention trials – Deborah Baron
  • Good practice in cure trials – David Evans

Workshop 2 Clinical trial design

  • Prevention trials in the PrEP era – Deborah Donnell
  • Implementation of trials –
James R. Hargreaves
  • Recruiting hard to reach populations – Carl A. Latkin

Workshop 3: Frontiers in lab science

  • High throughput genome engineering – Judd Hultquist
  • Identifying and profiling virus-specific T cells –
Evan William Newell
  • Quantifying HIV-1 MRNA structure – Silvi Rouskin

Workshop 4: Hepatitis C – interactive case studies

  • Staging and treatment of early stage HCV – John Scott
  • Resistance to DAAs and retreatment of chronic HCV – Alessandra Mangia
  • Common drug interactions with DAAs – Debika Bhattacharya
  • Issues with cirrhosis – Sanjay Bhagani

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