ITPC Indian Mailbox database now online

One year after the Indian Patent (Amendment) Act (2005) passed, on 26 March 2005, [1] the Lawyers Collective HIV/AIDS Unit and Alternative Law Forum have published online a searchable database of “mailbox drugs”.

The Mailbox Project:

and What is the ‘Mailbox Project’?:

The existing database of the Indian Patent Controller, on the Indian governments website, was not searchable, nor did it provide critical information regarding disease or priority.

There are three main objectives of this information.

Firstly, you can search by disease for drugs that may be patented soon, and may not be available, affordable or accessible in the near future. Secondly, you can engage in the Indian procedure of pre-grant opposition whereby any interested person can oppose the granting of patents on these drugs. Thirdly, you can engage in advocacy against the drug companies seeking to obtain patents (or monopolies) on these drugs.

The mailbox drugs database will be regularly updated.

Source: Lawyers Collective HIV/AIDS Unit and Alternative Law Forum

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