UK PrEP IMPACT trial announces 3000 new places for gay men but low uptake by women, African and transgender people

 Simon Collins, HIV i-Base

The UK PrEP impact trial has increased the number of people of trial places from 10,000 to 13,000 people. This means that clinics that were previously closed to recruitment might now have new places available.

This news was announced in the June 2018 update from the trial management board. [1]

The increase is needied to more accurately estimate the likely long term needs of a routinely commissioned PrEP programme. The increase in trial size will require resource commitments from commissioners and local authority and NHS England commissioners have supported the principle of an increase in the trial size. 

Other information in the update included:

  • More than 7000 people are currently enrolled
  • The previous goal of keeping 2000 places for people form groups other than gay men is being reduced to 1000 places. This is freeing 1000 more places for gay men, who have so far generated the highest interest and demand.
  • As of 17 May, of the 139 clinics participating in the trial, 138 are open to recruitment for gay and bisexual men. All bar one of the London clinics also remained open to recruitment. 
  • The study management will now be run by the Chelsea and Westminster NHS Foundation Trust. this should not impact on the supply of PrEP drug to current participants or delays in enrolling new participants as this was all being managed locally by individual clinics.
  • Community involvement has included workshops to publicise the study.
  • Preparation for future commissioning arrangements is also being considered.

The next meeting of the Board will take in July. A further update on progress will be shared after that meeting.

For further information on the trial please visit the trial website. [2]


  1. UK PrEP IMPACT trial update (June 2018)

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