UK annual HIV surveillance data published – full reports

Simon Collins, HIV i-Base

The full annual HIV surveillance data in the UK for 2018 from Public Health England (PHE) have now published. This includes results by demographic characteristics and geographical region. [1, 2]

These comprehensive reports continue to show that HIV incidence is now falling across the UK and in most demographics.

The data expand on the preliminary results published in September 2018 that were previously reported in HTB. [3]


Some community concerns with the way these data were first presented [3] have been considered in the final reports, but these reports still lead with an outdated narrative that is skewed towards condom-use for HIV prevention.

The lack of any significant discussion about the impact of U=U in the one-sentence section on treatment as prevention makes these reports out of step with one of the most significant changes in public health. 


  1. Public Health England. Progress towards ending the HIV epidemic in the United Kingdom 2018 report − summary, key messages and recommendations. (16 pages).
  2. Public Health England. Progress towards ending the HIV epidemic in the United Kingdom 2018 report. (67 pages).
  3. Collins S. HIV diagnoses in UK drop for third year: among all ages, risk groups, and ethnicities and across most UK regions. HTB September 2018.

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