Women and HIV research: free educational webcasts

Simon Collins, HIV i-Base

Training modules related to the impact of HIV research on HIV positive women are now available online.

This is feedback from the 9th International Workshop on HIV and Women organised by Virology Education that was held earlier this year in March 2019 before CROI in Seattle.

This activity contains three presentations of the highlights from the workshop and possible implications for clinical practice.

  1. HIV & Women: Latest basic and clinical new research data relevant to care of HIV infected women – Deborah Money.
  2. HIV & Women: Clinical relevance of these new data for routine care of HIV infected women and female adolescents – Sharon Walmsley.
  3. HIV & Women: Focus on adolescent girls and young women – Natella Rakhmanina.

These are free to access but do require a one-time free registration. 


Although some of the data presented has since been updated at IAS 2019, especially related to dolutegravir and neural tube defects, these excellent easy-to-watch lectures are recommended viewing.


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