Open access publications on COVID-19 include Lancet, Nature, NEJM, JAMA, JID, CID and others

Simon Collins, HIV i-Base

Over the last three months, hundreds of papers on all aspects of COVID-19 have been published, with most leading journals allowing open access to this research.

It is a very helpful example that the COVID-19 pandemic is of such global importance that many leading medical journals are making most or all of these key papers available as open access.

Links to selected journals are below.

Lancet journals

A search on the Lancet journals in the title of papers or articles in the last three months included more that 250 with COVID-19 in the title and a similar number when searching for coronavirus (many of these may be the same papers).

Nature journals

The Nature website includes more than 130 publications reports and letters, compiled from a range of publications which also seem open access.


Home pages for more than 40 papers, editorials and correspondence relating to CoV-2, including many reporting data from China.

JAMA network

The JAMA network of medical journals already includes 130 papers and related articles.

Oxford academic journals: including JID, CID, IDSA and HIV medicine association journals

The publishers of Journal of Infectious Diseases (JID) and Clinical Infections Diseases (CID) have more than 180 papers related COVID-19 which also appear to be open access.

Links to other websites are current at date of posting but not maintained.