BASHH responses to impact of COVID-19 on sexual health services

Simon Collins, HIV i-Base

A rapid survey to members of BASHH about the UK response to COVID-19, reports that most sexual health services have already restructured many of their services. 

The first results of the survey from 13-16 March 2020 included feedback from 44 members on local COVID-19 contingency plans and the importance of sharing of tips and advice.

BASHH have also already published several recommendations for managing sexual health services when clinic appointments are reduced.

These include policies on social distancing, treating gonorrhoea and a guide to services to support vulnerable people. [2, 3, 4, 5]


  1. BASHH COVID-19 Contingency Planning Survey: Initial Results snapshot
  2. BASSH. Sex, Social Distancing and COVID-19 (Coronavirus) March 2020 (PDF)
    Advice from BASHH on sexual contact, accessing sexual health services, HIV testing and care and sexual assault services.
  3. COVID-19 and treatment of gonorrhoea [update 02.04.2020] BASHH GC.pdf (PDF)
    Advice from the BASHH Guideline writing group on treating gonorrhoea with limited face to face services.
  4. Guide to services that can assist and support vulnerable patients during COVID-19 pandemic in London [update 09.04.2020] for vulnerable patients COVID 09042020.docx
    A compendium of resources to help when you encounter a vulnerable patient who has any difficulty accessing food or medication, or is isolated without any support network (credit Indrajit Ghosh).
  5. Updated COVID-19 guidance: provision of sexual health services to the community. (download Word doc).
    Contingency planning for out-patient Genitourinary Medicine, Contraception and Sexual Health Services (including online) and HIV services


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