Comparing HIV/AIDS and COVID-19 pandemics

Articles that draw parallels between the COVID-19 health crisis and the response to HIV/AIDS.

Later articles will be added to this page as appropriate.

Twenty-seven questions for writers and journalists to consider when writing about COVID-19 and HIV/AIDS
HIV DOULA collective (April 2020).

10 lessons from HIV for the COVID-19 response
Daniel Wolfe. (12 June 2020)

How to survive yet another plague: I lived through the AIDS epidemic – here’s how to live through coronavirus.
Mark Shoofs. (20 March 2020).

Lessons the AIDS epidemic has for coronavirus
Interview with Sarah Schulman. (5 April 2020).

COVID-19: The HIV research advocacy movement offers lessons
Stacey Hannah. (6 April 2020).

For HIV survivors, a feeling of weary déjà vu
Jacob Bernstein. (8 April 2020)

Lessons of Aids for COVID-19: Don’t sacrifice science to expediency
Robin Gorna. (9 April 2020).

COVID-19 and HIV are not the same. But they’re similar in many ways that matter
Mathew Rodriguez (9 April 2020)

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