Atripla to be licensed in Latin America and the Asia-Pacific region

On 1 August 2008, a press release from Gilead Sciences announced that Atripla (the fixed-dose combination table of efavirenz plus Truvada) will be licensed and distributed to in 12 countries located primarily in Latin America and the Asia-Pacific region: Argentina, Australia, Chile, Hong Kong, Israel, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey and Uruguay. Gilead will assume the lead role in these countries.

138 countries are now covered under agreements between Gilead and Merck or Bristol-Myers Squibb. In August 2006, Gilead and Merck entered into an agreement under which Merck distributes Atripla at substantially discounted pricing in 94 developing nations, including nations in sub-Saharan Africa.

Source: Merck and Gilead press release: Gilead Sciences and Merck & Co enter into an agreement to register and distribute Atripla in twelve countries, including in Latin America and the Asia-Pacific region. (1 August 2008)

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