5th International Workshop on HIV Drug Resistance, 4-8 June 2001, Scottsdale, Arizona

Reports from the conference

The International Workshop on HIV Drug Resistance & Treatment Strategies, as in previous years, was a small meeting with extremely limited numbers of places available for both researchers and community-based treatment activists/writers.

HIV i-Base was privileged to be able to report from this meeting. Perhaps it was just our impression but the quality and immediate relevance of this years presentations seemed to be reduced compared to previous years.

Some extremely elegant work was presented on structural aspects of HIV virion assembly. However, many presentations which should have had direct clinical relevance were marred by small subject numbers, and often became virtually uninterpretable due to “muddy” data and what at times seemed inappropriate and somewhat creative statistical analysis.

Perhaps it is more a function of the stage of reductionism that such HIV-related research has reached. Forced partly by the complexity of the problem and powered by the ongoing disappointments with therapeutic achievements driving research to investigate the increasing details of the minutiae of the virus and its interactions.

Our selected reports from this meeting gather together some of the more accessible data.

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