HIV pipeline: global overview for people in LMICs

Simon Collins, HIV i-Base

This new community report covers both the most recently approved HIV medicines and the upcoming compounds in the most advanced stages of research.

This is both an impressive review of safety and efficacy studies and also covers the key practical challenges that determine whether these drugs will benefit the majority of people living with HIV globally in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs), including drug pricing and patents.

The report, published by Make Medicines Affordable and ITPC, is easy to read and includes a brief history of the development of ART from the first NRTIs (nukes) to the latest injectable combinations.

This sets the newest HIV drugs and upcoming compounds in the context of continued developments and investment to better future drugs.

Know your history and your future – essential reading.

Make Medicines Affordable and ITPC. HIV community resource. (February 2024)

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