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The full proceedings from the 1st European Consensus Conference on the Treatment of Chronic Hepatitis B and C in HIV Co-infected Patients held in Paris last year has now been published.

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Journal of Hepatology

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AIDS: Official Journal of the International AIDS Society Volume 20, Number 4

  • Acute renal failure in hospitalised patients with HIV: risk factors and impact on in-hospital mortality
  • The maturing immune system: implications for development and testing HIV-1 vaccines for children and adolescents
  • Disease progression in patients with virological suppression in response to HAART is associated with the degree of immunological response
  • Sustained control of viremia following therapeutic immunisation in chronically HIV-1-infected individuals

HIV Medicine

  • Analysis of genotypic and phenotypic clinical cut-off levels for ritonavir-boosted saquinavir
  • Minor changes in calculated creatinine clearance and anion-gap are associated with tenofovir disoproxil fumarate-containing HAART
  • Effects of HAART on paediatric metabolite levels

Journal AIDS

  • A randomised crossover study to determine bioequivalence of generic and brand name nevirapine, zidovudine, and lamivudine in HIV-negative women in India
  • Diagnosis of hepatic fibrosis and cirrhosis by transient elastography in HIV/HCV-coinfected patients
  • Clinical presentation and course of acute hepatitis C infection in HIV-infected patients
  • Clinician-delivered intervention during routine clinical care reduces unprotected sexual behavior among HIV-infected patients

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