10th European AIDS Conference (EACS), 17-20 November 2005, Dublin, Ireland

Reports from the conference.

The conference organisers have not yet published abstracts from the meeting online, although they will go online.

[Note: abstracts have since been posted to the EACS abstract archive:]

However, webcasts of several of the presentations are included, though free registration is required, and access is not instant:


The following subjects are covered in the reports from this conference:

  • Rifaximin cure reported for cryptosporidium
  • Analysis of hepatic events in 2NN study
  • Efficacy of lopinavir/r in patients with advanced HIV
  • Potential barriers to use of T-20
  • FTC studies at EACS
  • Paediatric studies at EACS
  • Factors associated with sexual dysfunction in HIV patients
  • Decreased varicella zoster immunity in migrants from sub-Saharan Africa
  • Clinical experience of switching to atazanavir
  • TMC 125: some good and bad news
  • Second-line and salvage strategies
  • Antiretrovirals and other stuff!
  • Heart disease in people with HIV
  • Mortality trends: why people with HIV die (or don’t) today

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