EACS 10 Dublin 2005

Pharmacology and drug interaction studies in adults: summary table from CROI, ICAAC and EACS conferences

10th European AIDS Conference (EACS), 17-20 November 2005, Dublin, Ireland

Rifaximin cure reported for cryptosporidium in advanced HIV

Analysis of hepatic events in 2NN study by CD4 entry criteria, levels differences between nevirapine and efavirenz; excess hepatic events in once-daily nevirapine arm linked to single site in Thailand

FTC studies at EACS: reduced incidence of M184V compared to 3TC; side effect profile in clinical practice

Paediatric studies at EACS: trends in antiretroviral use in the Madrid Cohort; life expectancy significantly increased HIV/HCV co-infected children since HAART; use of tenofovir in treatment experienced children; switching to lopinavir/r from double protease inhibitor regimen; once daily lopinavir/r, 3TC and abacavir; planned treatment interruptions in children

Efficacy of lopinavir/r in patients with advanced HIV (CD4 <25 cells/mm3)

Potential barriers to use of T-20: results from patient and physician interviews

Factors associated with sexual dysfunction in HIV patients

Clinical experience of switching to atazanavir in the UK’s largest clinic

Replacing a PI with atazanavir: separating swans from ducklings?

TMC 125: some good and bad news

When to change a failing regimen: second-line and salvage strategies

Antiretrovirals and other stuff!

Heart disease in people with HIV

Mortality trends: why people with HIV die (or don’t) today

10th European AIDS Conference, 17-20 November 2005, Dublin, Ireland

Pregnancy studies at EACS