3rd International Workshop on Adverse Drug Reactions and Lipodystrophy in HIV, Athens, 23-26 October 2001

Simon Collins, HIV i-Base

Reports from the conference

While some new insights were presented at this international workshop, there were fewer studies that will have an immediate impact on clinical practice. This may be because lipodystrophy is now an established area of research within mainstream HIV conferences. In contrast to previous meetings there were less than a handful of switching studies, with most interventions focusing on lipid lowering agents developed and researched for other disease areas. However it was interesting to see in vitro studies from last year leading to in vivo studies reported at this years meeting.<!–

Insight into future understanding of risk factors for disease and side effects was shown in the first oral presentation on molecular insights into control of human fat mass and distribution by Stephen O’Rehilly. PPAR receptors are proteins that are important for lipid metabolism, and a case of hereditary insulin resistance with a predisposition to hypertension was shown to be linked to single mutations in the genetic structure of PPAR. It was noted that this example of congenital lipodystrophy – where there is either reduced or absent adipose tissue – was related to the protein rather than lipid building gene.

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