Further benefits shown with New-Fill for facial atrophy

Simon Collins, HIV i-Base

Positive results were reported from the use of New-Fill to treat HIV-related facial lipoatrophy from Lafaurie and colleagues from St Louis Hopital, Paris.

New-Fill is a hydrogel of Polylactic Acid which stimulates natural collagen and produces dermal thickening as a correction to facial wasting which appears to be sustained following treatment with three to seven sessions of intradermal injections. See also the report in the last issue of HTB from the i-Base meeting held in January on this subject. [1]

This study reported on seven of sixteen patients who had completed treatment with four to five cycles of treatment. Results were presented using analysis from tri-dimentional photographs which calculated mean surface area and volume gain at the sites of injection, together with mean analogue visual scale satisfaction index (AVSI) and quality of life questionnaire.

Mean AVSI increased from 1/10 at baseline to 8/10 following the third treatment. Mean surface gain was 0.3 – 0.4 mm2 and mean volume gain was 13 – 15 mm3. The range represented slightly different results reported for each side of the face. No serious complication was reported, two patients reported malaise after the first injection. Surprisingly, quality of life only showed a trend to improvement, although this may be a result of such a small study.


  2. Lafaurie M et al – Treatment of HIV-Associated Lipoatrophy of the Face with Intradermal Injections of Polylactic Acid Abstract 704-T.

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