UK Guidelines on HIV Associated Malignancies (2008) published online

The introduction to these new guidelines from the British HIV Association (BHIVA) state “HIV infection is associated with three AIDS-defining malignancies (Kaposi’s sarcoma, high-grade B-cell non- Hodgkin’s lymphoma and invasive cervical cancer) as well as an increased risk of a number of other malignancies. The clinical care of patients with these tumours requires a multidisciplinary approach drawing on the skills and experience of all healthcare professional groups.”

They continue “optimal care can only be achieved by the close cooperation of oncologists, haematologists and HIV physicians, and unless all these clinicians are intimately involved in the care of patients it is likely that the outcome will be less favourable. Patients with HIV-associated malignancies should therefore only be managed in a centre dealing with large numbers of patients with these tumours.”

The guidelines focus on the management of both HIV-defined and non-HIV defined cancers in HIV-positive patients.

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