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How can I help my friend who has just tested HIV positive?

Hi, thank you for your website and your efforts.

I just found out that my friend is HIV positive, my sister told me, but wanted me to keep it secret.

I will keep it secret but I want to help her. How can I do that without her knowing?


If your friend told your sister to keep this confidential, then you have to respect this, and give your friend time to decide to tell you herself, in her own time.

Even though HIV treatment should mean someone diagnosed today have a good chance of leading a long health life, getting the HIV-positive result is still scary and takes time to come to terms with.

It is very good that she has confided in your sister, so she has some support and is not going through this on here own.

Giving your friend space and time to do this is probably the best way to help her.

You could use this time to find out more information about HIV.

Information on treatment is covered in the i-Base Introduction to Combination Therapy

Another site with good general information is Avert

Please let us know if you have other questions we can help with.

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  1. Mark

    Speaking as someone who has been diagnosed within the last year, I