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Please comment on different life expectancy studies

I know that this is a contentious issue and one that is on the mind of every HIV + person out there. Although we are continually told by our doctors that life expectancy is


Thank you for your question.

All studies predicting life expectancy use slightly different models and data sets. Looking at the study in question, there are reasons why the US population that they used may not have the same life expectancy than European groups. In general though all studies point to a 20+ year life expectancy from current treatment.

Most studies show higher and lower life expectancy rates depend on subgroups such as age, race and method of transmission as is also shown in the graphs of the study you mentioned.

If you look at the Table in the US study which looks at this by age, then this give you a personal level than about the same as the discussion with your first doctor.

It is frustrating when different doctors say different things. This is why it is good to get different views to make up your own mind. In this case I think your first doctor was wrong and that there is more evidence to support your second doctors view.

Although the study you have just seen is complicated is doesn


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