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How effective is PEP after 5 weeks?

How effective will PEP be once started after 5 weeks of exposure. Moreso with efavirenz following a positive hiv and vdrl test for the partner yet i get negative results?


PEP needs to be taken very quickly if it is to work. Ideally within hours and no latter than 48 hours (in most recommendations.

The UK extends this window to 72 hours. This is based more on psychological benefit if someone is very anxious, rather than with any expectation PEP will work this late.

PEP will have no effect if taken so long after a risk.



  1. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Girl,

    PEP needs to be taken within max 72hrs after a risk. If it’s taken after this time, it won’t work.

  2. Girl

    Please I had unprotected sex 1week ago can I still take pep for it to work?


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