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Can I get HIV from my undetectable partner?

I have a friend, she is girl and she is HIV positive, she is on eviplera treatment and she is undetectable for 3 years, her last VL test was 20,. My questions is she can transmit HIV to me ?? And if we want to be in relationships there is any risk to catch HIV from her??



As your friends viral load is undetectable and has been for a quite a long time, it means that the risk of transmission is extremely low. Close to zero. It is up too you if you want to use other methods like condoms to prevent STIs and pregnancy.

We know this because of a study called PARTNER that looked at couples like yours. Couples on that study had sex without condoms over 44,500 times and no one became positive. This is because of how effective HIV treatment is. See here for the details.

Good luck on your relationship together.