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How do I manage diabetes and put on weight?

Hi, I am HIV+ and diabetic, on ART from 2010. My last CD4 count was sbove 700. I am using zidovodine combination. My blood glucose levels are 250 * post lunch.

I am 55 years old, 5 feet 6″ tall and weigh 57.5 kg. My original weight used to be 60 to 63 kgs. I am very active, walk 3 km daily, drives 50 km on average. I want my glucose levels to come down and gain at least 2 to 3 kgs .

I was diabetic before starting ART. One year on art my glucose levels have come down to normal without any medication for diabetes.

I gained  about 5 kg weight reaching 63 kgs. Then slowly my weight is decreased and glucose levels up. Pl advise about continuing same medicine. or to change the medicine.




Thanks for your question and the detailed information which really helps.

It is great that you have managed to control diabetes without treatment by being active. This is really important – and is probably more important than trying to be a higher weight.

Managing diabetes is complex though and these are questions that you really need to discuss with your doctor.

Although you said you were using zidovudine without knowing the other drugs it is impossible to know whether your HIV combination is related. Some protease inhibitors can affect glucose levels.

Rather than changing medicine it sound more important to discuss everything in detail with your doctor.

This link has some information about HIV and diabetes.

Diabetes UK has more information about diabetes and managing blood glucose levels.


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