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Will herbal remedies interact with my ARVs?

I am positive and am currently taking anti-retrovirals: truvada and neviraprine and also aciclovir for herpes management.

I am interested in taking a course of homeopathic remedies which are classed as narayani remedies. The first remedy is a kidney & liver cleanser. This contains: Benzoic acid, bereris, cantharis, erbium, ocinum canum, cardus mar, chelidonium, china, lycopodium, mercurius, phosphorus and parathyroid.
The Second remedy is silica terra, which is flint.

The main reason for this was due to recurrent chest infections, leading to steroid treatment, which never really seemed to clear up the problem. I am asthmatic and have experienced it in chronic form as a child and had frequent attacks. I find that stress has been a large factor in how quickly/ slowly I recover from a cold or chest infection and if highly stressed and have found my energy levels quickly depleted from it.
Apparently all energies of the stated substances are very safe, however, I wanted to check if there would be any conflict with my medication and wanted to keep my status as confidential.
I hope you can help with my query and matter of confidentiality.

Many thanks.


Thanks for getting in touch.

Herbal supplements and products can have interactions with  ARVs. Therefore, please ask your pharmacy or HIV doctor first before you take them.


  1. Roy Trevelion

    Hi Luca,

    It’s a good idea to talk to your doctor about this. It looks like Cowhage contains levodopa, which can be used to treat Parkinson’s.

    So, although levodopa doesn’t interact with PrEP, it’s best to talk to your doctor about it.

  2. Luca

    Hi i have Parkinson’s desease and i am on PrEP too.
    I want to add to my parkinson’s medications (they have all been checked and none interact with PrEP) a herb called Mucuna Pruriens or Cowhage and i’d like to know if it interact with PrEP.


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