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Do I need to take ARVs and TB medication when pregnant?

I am 4months pregnant and HIV +. I started taking treatment last month (October ) with a CD4 count 311. I recently went for my second appointment for my treatment and they gave me TB treatment at the clinic without checking me. I’m not sick or having any signs of TB they just said it is to prevent TB from occurring.
So my question is will I have TB if i’m not taking the treatment with the Vitamin B6. I’ m already taking ARVS and having side effects. I don’t know my viral load yet. My concern is the baby ,will my baby be at risk if I don’t take the TB treatment or should I consult a doctor insisted of a clinic .

I was reading some of the stories on your website and they helped me a lot with dealing with HIV. I read them every day, but now I’m scared that I have to take TB treatment without being sick.


The TB meds are to protect you and your baby from TB. The meds are good to take if the clinic recommended them.
Please ask your clinic to explain this aspect of your treatment. When the risk of TB is high these protective meds are commonly used. It might mean you came into contact with TB as a child. The meds with reduce the risk that TB becomes active again now.
Most side effects get easier. If they are too difficult, please talk to a doctor at the clinic. Good luck with everything.


  1. Josh Peasegood

    Hi Netsai, what tablets are you taking for Tb prevention and HIV? All first line medications for Tb are safe in pregnancy: Rifampicin, Isoniazid, Ethambutol, Pyrazinamide. Regardless of combination, continuing with ARVs throughout pregnancy is recommend to keep both you and baby safe.

  2. netsai

    am taking tb prevetion tablets and arvs should l get pregnent because l need it.


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