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What happens if I have a gap in my treatment?

I am in between insurance companies right now due to getting a new job. I might run the risk of not having insurance and not being able to afford my meds. My question is, if I were to stop taking my meds, which I know is not a smart move., will I begin to feel sick.

The only reason I am considering this is because this new job pays extremely well and can change my life around.

Any advice I can get on how to deal with this kind of situation would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks for getting in touch.

What meds are you taking? How long do you think you’ll be off them for? Is there any chance that you can get a longer prescription? Where in the US do you live? I’m asking this because if there’s a possibility that you may be without meds for a while, then I may be able to find you some for free.

If you could get back to me, I’ll be able to help you.


  1. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Victor,

    Did you try project inform?

  2. Victor

    HI just wondering if you were able to find any information for me?

  3. lawrence pheeha

    Hi lisa
    Its lawrence,thanks for reply.
    For the med Atroiza,was prescriped to take one pill an-hour befour bed.
    But since it brings bad Dreams,Nousea & Echy eyes in the morning,i skiped one ‘s or twice in a month,thourght it could be food intake or just to lay-low a bid.wonder should i wait till next apointment 24/05/2017?

    And for peripheral it’s ok,only that i am using Hydrocortisone 1% creame,for my face.
    till next appointment i will check on the TB status if it’s clear,befour or24/05/2017?
    thanks for now

  4. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Lawrence,

    Its good to hear that you’ve started meds, especially because you’ve had a drop in CD4. How are you doing with the Atrozia?

    Since you developed peripheral nyrhopathi has it been treated? How’s your TB, has it all cleared?

  5. lawrence

    I was diagnosed last year 2016/01/07 with a CD4 of 608. I started 6 months TB treatment and stopped at 5 and a half months because of peripheral nyrhopathi. My CD4 on the 17/02/2017 was 358. I’m now taking Atrozia.

  6. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Victor,

    I’ve discussed this with a colleague and their advice is that you should contact Project Inform. They should be able to help you out.


  7. Victor Paredes

    2-3months without
    I live in fontana CA, so cal

    Thank you so much for any help you can give me


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