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Is my doctor right to say other infections could kill me?

I tested HIV+ last week. My CD4 count is now 225 and I have started on medication.

My dermatologist says that any slight infection will result in deterioration of my condition leading to death. Is he correct? What precautions I should take?

I am 28, male and a full time working professional with public.



Thanks for your question.

Without more details, I think your doctor maybe exaggerated the worry from other infections. This would be serious if you were not on treatment, but the medication should now protect you against other infections.

Also, your CD4 count is still pretty strong and being on treatment will increase this further.

How are you doing otherwise? It can be tough to find out your are positive but the treatment is really very good.


  1. Simon Collins

    Hi there, most people find it takes time to accept and mange finding out about HIV. It does get better though – really. Now that treatment is so good, there is less pressure to tell your family. You can take as long as you like, until you feel strong enough to do this. Have you asked your clinic if there is an HIV positive support grop where you could talk to other people?

  2. Original Poster

    I am currently very paranoid. Even if I get a small chill I am getting scared. It doesn’t help that I have a full time high pressure job and that I haven’t told my parents yet. I am not married nor do I have a romantic interest currently. All this is causing some huge emotional turmoil


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