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My boyfriend won’t test and I am worried he might be positive?

In 2015 I was diagnosed  HIV positive. I am on ARV treatment but unfortunately my boyfriend doesn’t believe in testing. We have a child now who is one year old but negative, but I am worried about my boyfriend. He has been complaining about loss of appetite and his stomach always not in a good condition could that he be coming sick?


Hi there

The only way to know if your boyfriend is HIV positive is for him to take a test.

No matter how much he wants to deny this – or is afraid of the result – the test is essential. Too many people delay testing until it is too late.

This is especially important as you will now be doing well on treatment and you have a child to look after for the future. Are there are people who he will listen to?

I hope that he changes his mind and take a test. Perhaps show him the answer to this question.

He is lucky to have someone looking out for him, and the result might even be negative :)


  1. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Mughal,

    Fat loss in the face is something that is associated with drugs that were used in the past. It isn’t something that is common with modern day ARVs.

  2. Mughal

    Does hiv virus itself cause your face to change or cause face changes or did the older medications in the past cause your face to change??


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