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Can HIV positive people visit the UK on a student visa?

Can hiv positive person enter into uk or not on student visa?



The UK does not require an HIV test for any visitor visa, including for students.


  1. Lisa Thorley

    Hi AJ,

    We can’t comment on the visa application process as we don’t work in this sector. However, you HIV positive status won’t be an issue if you want to come to the UK. If you do come to the UK, you’ll be able to access ARVs and for free.

  2. AJ

    Hello why applying for student visa we need to go for medical insurance Do we need to declare our status for the insurance or is it ok we don’t and go for the process?
    Also how are the regulations for post study work permit and visas for PR process? Is there any restriction in the process for medicals ?
    I am opting for masters in UK and would wish to stay longer in UK so I would wanted to know the process earlier


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