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Can I still study and work – and will life ever be the same?


Can i continue my education after knowing that i am hiv positive?

And can we even work?

Will the life be as same as before and whats gonna change?


Hi there

It sounds like you might not have been HIV positive for very long? I also wondered how old you are and whether you know anyone else who is positive?

So the answer to all your questions is definitely a big YES!

Life will go on. You can study. You can work. You can have partners and a family (if this is your choice). You can do everything you would have done before you learnt about HIV.

Please have a look at the info on this page and on the related links:

Modern HIV meds means you can life just as long a life, and be just as active and interested in everything.

Please write if you have other questions – all emails are in conffidence it you want to talk without me posting details online :)

best wishes


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