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Can other drugs reduce effectiveness of ARVs?

Are there any drugs that, if used in combination with ARV, may reduce ARV\'s effectiveness?

I live in Vietnam and am currently on tenofovir, lamivudine and efavirenz.

This is the first time I’ve taken HIV therapy.



Thanks for getting in touch.

How are you and how is your new treatment?

You are right to be careful because sometimes other drugs can interact with HIV meds. It the interaction reduces the HIV meds, they will be less effective.

Although your current meds are often safe with other types of medicines, please tell your doctor and pharmacist if you are taking any other treatments. This includes over-the-counter medicines, herbs and supplements.

This online booklet has lots more information about HIV treatment, if this is new for you.


  1. Lisa Thorley

    Hi James,

    If you want to know if there could be a possible interaction between your ARVs and other meds you can look it up here:

  2. James (OP)

    Do you happen to know what sort of over the counter drugs I should watch out for?

    Thank you very much for your timely response.


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