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Both my partner and I are positive, though he’s not on meds, do we need condoms?

I’m HIV positive and on treatment and my partner is positive but not on treatment. I want to know how will it affect us, because we don’t use condoms.


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If you and your partner both have the same strain of HIV  then reinfection is not a problem. This is even if he’s not on medication. Therefore its OK not to use condoms.

Reinfection is discussed in detail here it can be an  issue if there is drug resistance.

Is your partner planning to start ART in the future? Are there reasons why they are now using ART now?


  1. Josh Peasegood

    Hi Moipone, does your partner not take treatment at all anymore? and is your undetectable viral load from a recent test?

    If your partner is not taking medication and you are sure of your VL status. There is no risk of reinfection. Your current treatment will act as PrEP against your partners.

    Is there a reason your partner is not using treatment? and do you know how each of you became HIV positive?

  2. Moipone

    Hi, Im HIV positive and on Treatment since from 2014 and my Viral Load is Undetectable,my partner was on Medication until 2017 then he stopped taking treatment,it’s been 5 years for him without treatment and always when i encourage him to go he just make empty promises, will he re infect me or will i be at high risk if we don’t use protection? Because sometimes he doesn’t need to use protection.


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