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What meds can I use to protect myself for HIV?

Good day. I am From South Africa. I just  found out that my partner got HIV positive but am HIV negative without hurting her feelings how can I get this medication for my own use to protect myself from getting infected.


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Thanks for your email – and for talking about your situations.

First, how is your partner feeling now? This might be a difficult time for both of you :)

The medicine you can use now to protect yourself is called PrEP.  This involves just taking one pill a day.

Here is a link to a site in SA with more info:

This is a link about PrEP that we produce for the UK which has other general info:

Your partner should also be offered treatment by here doctor. South Africa has a good programme of access to fee HIV treatment (called ART). This means your partner will be able to stay healthy and have a normal life.

Someone on HIV treatment with undetectable viral load, this will also protect you too. See here for more information on this:


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