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Is dolutegravir/lamivudine single pill (Dovato) available in the UK yet?

Hello, I’d like to switch from Triumeq to Dovato (I’ve been undetectable for 3.5 years now) and my upcoming doctor’s appointment is at the end of February 2020. My HIV care is at one of the major hospitals in Central London. Has the NHS (HIV doctors) started prescribing Dovato yet? If yes, will I be able to request a switch from Truimeq to Dovato during my doctor’s appointment at the end of February 2020? 


Hi there

The single pill dolutegravir/lamivudine (Dovato) was approved by NHS Scotland in September.

NHS England took slightly longer but was approved this week (though there hasn’t been a major announcement yet I can link to).

This means London clinics should be able to prescribe this very soon. It is also okay to prescribed the two separate pills if there is a delay for any reason at your clinic.


  1. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Zara,

    Wasting isn’t something that happens with modern day ARVs, this is what used to happen when ARVs were first developed. It’s possible that you may gain weight when you start medication, however it all depends on what it is that you take. It’s also not possible to predict who will or won’t gain weight. Though weight gain is something that people worry about, in the scheme of things having a bit of weight gain is better than not taking meds.

  2. Zara

    Can you tell me lil bit about hiv wasting … do you gain weight after starting ART


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